Friday, 24 March 2017

Delighted to say for the first time no one has lower themselves to blame Israel for the atrocities carried out in Westminster by a crazed Islamic fundamentalist.

So what drove this Muslim lunatic to drive a car into innocent people....I wonder. Surely NOT a Palestinian ?
Palestinian man rams car into bus stop, then attacks pedestrians with machete-like weapon

Perhaps this Palestinian inspired the slaughter at Westminster?

Palestinian rams his truck into Israeli soldiers

No harm done then after all they're only Jews say the anti Semites who blame Israel for every terrorist attack in the world so therefore it must be their fault.

Now let me think, didn't the Westminster scum barbaric murderer then knife an unarmed policeman to death? Yep! I believe he did. Now, I wonder what gave him that idea? Couldn't have been a Palestinian? Surely not?

Palestinian Woman Attempts To Stab Security Guard Caught On Camera!

Maybe it was this video that made the crazed Islamic murder stab an unarmed policeman to death. Surely this knife manic couldn't be a Palestinian?

Palestinian" terrorist try to murder IDF soldier with a knife

So now you fucking anti Semites know exactly what inspired the Westminster Islamic murderer and that's why not one of you dares to even attempt to blame Israel!

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