Friday, 10 March 2017

BREAKING NEWS Reuters 10/03/2017 14:00

They have been close friends for years.

Its been revealed that the Russian president has been working closely with Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. It was reported that Putin and the Israeli Prime Minster have been close friends for years and of course Trump with his Jewish family, his closes advisor, his son in law, who orchestrated his hugely successful campaign to put his father in law into the White House. not only is he an observant Orthodox Jew (wont work on Saturday, the Jewish Sabbath) but the woman that the US looks towards as the first lady, his daughter Ivanka has followed her billionaire husband Orthodox teachings also wants to be part of the Putin/Netanyahu club!!

Most of Putin's close friends and advisers are all Jewish. The plan is to wipe out ISIS and all terror organisations.

Ivanka loves Israel!

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