Saturday, 25 February 2017


Yet another sickening blow to the few who are still left whinging about BDS. 
A message from Maurice Boland: Stop wasting your time! 

BDS! Eat your heart out!
BIGGEST single investment in Israel. $3.75 BILLION in offshore energy project.
Double Anti-BDS whammy!
INDIA just signed a $2.5 BILLION missile defence contract with Israel.
That's OVER $7 BILLION in just two deals with Israel last week alone.

And it gets better:

Vice President Mike Pence assured the Republican Jewish Coalition that he and President Donald Trump will work 'tirelessly' on enacting business-friendly policies at home and supporting Israel abroad.
'If the world knows nothing else, the world will know this: America stands with Israel,' Pence told the group on Friday night.

Speaking before a Shabbat dinner, Pence pledged to keep Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon and to combat the 'endless bias' of the United Nations.
'We're going to keep our end of the bargain', said Pence. 'If the world knows nothing else, the world will know this: America stands with Israel.'
Although Pence reaffirmed that the US would support Israel’s national security he declined to say whether any agreement would necessitate the creation of a Palestinian state.
'President Trump is personally invested in forging a lasting peace in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict', said Pence.

Wake up:

Benjamin Netanyahu has accepted an invitation [that will mark] the first official visit to Australia by a sitting Israeli prime minister.

The Muslim sub-Saharan state of Guinea opened up diplomatic relations with Israel for the first time…in a bilateral agreement signed in Paris.

Car manufacturing giant Ford has acquired Israeli computer vision and machine learning company SAIPS.

Coldplay one of the biggest groups in the world along with U2 laugh off BDS and will play Israel this summer.

. In recent days, news has come out that countries like France and the United Kingdom have taken legal steps to ban the boycotting of Israeli products in their countries. The city council of France passed two resolutions condemning attempts to boycott Israel. The UK also passed a new guidance that prevents councils, NHS trusts and other public councils from boycotting goods and products from Israel. Nations are starting to wake up to the fact that the BDS movement is divisive, discriminatory and risks fuelling anti-Semitism. We pray that other European nations will be able to see the true roots of the boycott campaign and begin the stand with Israel and move towards a future that is united, not divided. Please join us in prayer for European officials and law-makers in this regard.


One of the greatest debates on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Listen and learn

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