Sunday, 26 February 2017

Israel does it again. Could you imagine ANY Arab country doing this for Israeli children?

The truth is most Arab countries do not allow Israelis to visit. 12 Arab countries have barred any Jew with an Israeli passport entry to their country. Trump has just done the same thing with certain Muslim countries and the world has gone mad yet not a peep about Israelis travel restrictions . Now that's racists


A 60 year old Palestinian from Bethlehem who suffered from severe essential tremor (ET) has been discharged from Haifa’s Rambam Medical Center after undergoing a highly unusual brain ablation, rather than major brain surgery. He is now able to return to work at his restaurant.

A few years ago, Rambam was the first hospital in Israel and one of the first in the world to perform the painless procedure; now the hospital has performed the procedure on a Palestinian for the first time. It involves using an MRI-guided ultrasound, developed by the Insightec company at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology. The technique was introduced in the US only last year, but dozens of the procedures have already been carried out at Rambam, which was a beta site for Insightec’s technolog

And Israeli humanitarian acts don't stop there: With devastation and genocide continuing in Syria, while the world looks on and appears impotent in bringing humanitarian aid to this war-torn country, we in Israel are endeavoring to find additional ways of taking the wounded into our hospitals.

This is not something new, as some 2,000 victims of the Syrian bloodbath – including many children – have been treated in Israeli hospitals since 2013.

And again: Back in the midst of the intifada of 2000, when Palestinian suicide bombers were blowing up Israelis, claiming the lives of over 1,000 civilians, Israeli hospitals continued to treat Palestinians.

The Truth is that 219,464 Palestinian patients received medical treatment in Israeli hospitals during 2015/16 – 21,270 of them children. These numbers include companions accompanying the patients to Israel.

The numbers show a dramatic increase in Palestinians receiving treatment from Israeli medical professionals. 197,713 Palestinians received medical treatment in Israel in 2011, and 144,838 in 2008.

So I ask you again. What Arab nation would do this for Israelis??? Don't bother trying to answer because you wont be able to.

This is the thanks they get.

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