Sunday, 27 November 2016

One of the most powerful search engines on the net is used extensively by governments, businesses , journalists etc . I have been using it for years as part of my guest research for TV and radio. If I have any talent it is for research. Before I print or say anything I ALWAYS check Snopes to find out is it true.

This latest research is for poor uneducated anti Semite Jackie who obviously continues to use NEW News as her dirty research site. Bad news for you Jackie: .

World News Daily Report WND NEWS
Straddling the line of fake news and the occasional seed of truth is World News Daily Report. By cobbling together misattributed stolen photographs (and often using extant, long-circulating rumors), World News Daily Report has published several viral claims often preying upon readers’ religious beliefs, including hoaxes about a newly-discovered eyewitness account of Jesus’ miracles, an ancient rumor about chariot wheels found at the bottom of the Red Sea, and a very old yarn about the discovery of giant skeletons reworked as the tale of a coverup perpetrated by the Smithsonian Institution. However, World News Daily Report frequently branches out to science-based fakery, including japes about the destruction of the world’s oldest tree and another about the discovery of a Megalodon shark in Pakistan. They often turn their hatred towards Israel the latest being Mossad is trying to assassinate Israels good friend President Putin.

Political conspiracy is another favored topic of World News Daily Report, evidenced by articles claiming that a CIA agent confessed to killing Marilyn Monroe and that Yoko Ono disclosed she once had an intimate partnering with Hillary Clinton.

They reported Mike Pence Announced His Revolting Plan: “For The Safety And Well being Of Our Children We Must Ban Homosexual Marriage” This NEVER happened.

WND News Headline of the Week : Trump Moves Feared Private Army To America As Clinton Push For Civil War Grows – AWD News

Jackie take comfort I'm sure your not the only moron out there.

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