Friday, 18 November 2016

I got home late last night after a long busy day. Switched on the BBC news, as the news reports progressed it occurred to me that 99% of the reports were all about murder, rape, violence, terrorism each report carried horrific story after story of violence and destruction and it made me realize that we who live in Marbella should appreciate that we possibly, no probably, live in one of the safest places on the planet. If we have one maybe two murders per year that is about it and they are either domestic or drug gang related and certainly not involving the public.

I've owned night clubs, performed on live shows and not ONCE have I ever seen any sort of misbehavior. I've been to watch Malaga football team at Rosaleda stadium not once have I seen or read about fan violence.

My children who are all grown up and have their own children never reported bullying in the international schools, they have been hanging out in disco since their late teens and never once got into a fight.

Being a Jew living in Marbella I have never ever faced anti Semitisim nor has any of the 1,000 plus Jewish members of the Marbella community. All religions integrate in fact the Iman from the Marbella Mosque is a personal friend of the Marbella Rabbi .

Marbella real estate is booming and the weak UK pound just hasn't seen any down turn in the English buying market.

The weather is sensational. Marbella the one of the most beautiful and safest places on earth!!!

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