Monday, 24 October 2016

Okay, this might be a slight tongue in cheek diatribe, some might find it offensive but most will know its the truth trivialized slightly by JR... Listen and learn.

Just to remind Yasser Arafat was born in Egypt and with others set up the PLO in 1965 two full years before the 6 day war that helped the poor Palestinians to be given the west bank by King Hussain after they lost it to the Yep Palestinians Who as you may remember then tried in 1971 to kill the king in gratitude. Black September had nothing to do with Jews its the ex West bank residents fleeing Beduin vengence that caused them to call it Black September and many flooded into Lebenon that before this time had a unmarked border with Israel.. The biggest distraction in the middle east Palestinians who are born into unesco refugee status. PALESTINIANS ARE REFUSED NATIONAL STATUS IN ALL ARAB COUNTRIES AND MOST ARE NOT ALLOWED TO FIND WORK! IN SYRIA THEY JUST STARVE THEM TO DEATH. EGYPT WILL GIVE NO WORK TO A PALESTINIAN. IN FACT THE ONLY COUNTRY THAT ALLOWS PALESTINIANS TO WORK IS......YOU GUESSED IT ISRAEL AND THEY ARE THE ONES THE MORONS CALL RACISTS.

OH! Have I ever mentionued that $ 5 billion a year goes to the Palestinians from UN, you think there going to give that up for peace with Jews. Triple it and they will not buy it

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