Thursday, 20 October 2016

Here is a special message for you who believe by spreading hatred and lies about Israel will bring about peace you are greatly mistaken. Spreading love and understanding is the way forward do you not understand that? No wonder there's Islamophobia and anti sematisim if all you lot can do is hunt for hatred articles. Do what these wonderful people in Israel are doing as Yesterday, more than 4000 women and men, Jewish, Muslims, Israelis, Palestinians...walked together for Peace. A river of people, asking for just one thing: peace. The People of Israel want peace the Palestinians want peace. Laura I ask you why do you and your followers keep perpetrating hatred???? There are peace matches all over Israel at the moment go, leave Gaza for a day and join them.

Thousands of mothers, grandmothers and sisters from across the country united in Jerusalem to demand that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu restart peace negotiations, at the culmination of a two-week “March of Hope.”

Organized by the NGO Women Wage Peace, the trek, which began in Rosh Hanikra, concluded on Wednesday night in front of Netanyahu’s Jerusalem residence, with several hundred demonstrators of all ages standing on a temporarily closed street holding anti-war placards.

According to the organization’s website, its mission is a “nonpolitical, broad-based and rapidly growing movement of thousands of women to restore hope, and work toward a peaceful existence for ourselves, our children and future generations.”

Wearing a Women Wage Peace T-shirt, Raya Kalisman, the 70-something grandmother who founded the Humanistic Education and Ghetto Fighters Museum in the Western Galilee, said the NGO was created a year and a half ago, following the 2014 war in Gaza.

“The mothers started asking themselves, ‘Why are we sending our children to war, and what is the future for our children and grandchildren?’” said Kalisman, who traveled from the Galilee to attend Wednesday’s demonstration.

I want peace in all the world,” she said, adding that her son served in the IDF. “The problem here is the governments of Israel and the Palestinian Authority. They are not hearing our voice. Netanyahu and the government must listen to our voices. The mothers have much to say, but there are no ears to listen, not Netanyahu’s and not Abbas’s.”

This is something I personally agree with . I have been saying for years on my radio shows. Peace will happen when the Israeli and Palestinian mothers unite for one cause and that is peace. You simply don't argue with women and especially your mother!!!

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