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As you can imagine I have been asked many times over the weeks about my views on the tragedy that’s unfolding on the Israel, Gaza crises and have avoided opening a debate on my Facebook as I know whatever I say I will, understandably, be accused as being biased, why? Simply because I’m a Jew. But as the situation worsens I feel that I should air some of my thoughts.

Firstly death of innocent people no matter if they are Muslim, Christian or Jewish is a tragedy and its heartbreaking to see what’s happening in Gaza and Israel especially where young children are involved.
One question a get asked constantly is ‘Isn't Israel response disproportionate?' On the face of it, it certainly looks that way, that is until I heard a university professor on terrorism explain: “ If you’re in your home and a emotionally disturbed person starts banging at you door screaming he's going to come and kill you and your family and starts firing gun shots. Do you honestly believe the police should respond with ONE police officer, which of course would be proportioned, Or should they use all the resources they have at their disposal to respond?" Think about it. Another simple example would be; how many police officers would be sent to a shopping center if there was one crazed gunman? Please remember: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS PROPORTIONED RESPONSE TO TERRORISM!

Please Do not be fooled that this latest war is based on the Palestinians conflict with Israel over settlements issue, this is so far from the truth. Hamas, as all experts know, is in a lot of difficulty since it lost its support and friendship from the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. An Israeli attack is about the only thing that could once again unite the people of Gaza under Hamas’s banner. Israeli bombing and shelling of Gaza is exactly what Hamas wants. And Hamas are succeeding in gathering world sympathy even after publishing pictures of the dead that were in fact photographed in Syria

Remember that Hamas is a whole owned subsidiary of Iran, who’s mandate is “To wipe Israel off the face of the earth
A peace deal worked out by the Egyptian government and accepted by Israel in return for Hamas rockets falling silent but was turned down by Hamas who would only accept any deal as long as it was for 10 years and include many impossible conditions (so ridicules were thees conditions that it was said they wanted 10 years of free tickets to Lady GaGa concerts!!!) Hamas knew they would never be met! When the British government agreed talks with the then terrorist organisation the IRA it was with the condition that they decommissioned its arms, which they did. Hamas are an Islamic fundamentalist organisation and like their fellow brothers in arms Al-Qaeda and Hezbollah etc, who only want to see the destruction of the western world as we know it, hanging gay people, stoning to death innocent young girls because THEY have been raped etc. Israel know Hamas will never talk peace by simply cutting off their tail , they need to cut off their heads to rid the Palestinians living in Gaza of these savages

Do Hamas really care about the Palestinians and if they did why would they put up their rocket launchers on top of civilian buildings and densely populated areas of Gaza, using innocent families including children as human shields? I, of course, understand the worldwide condemnation of Israel etc but where I get slightly confused is where are the humanitarians and all of you on Facebook, blogs and other social media when it comes to a much more serious humanitarian situation that is happening right now in the village of Yarmouke where 25,000 Palestinians are being starved to death??? Syrian forces loyal to President Bashar Assad have committed war crimes by deliberately starving to death civilian inhabitants of a Palestinian refugee camp during their bloody three-year war against an armed uprising, a leading human rights group says In total, two-thirds of Syria's Palestinian refugees - who numbered 530,000 before the country's civil war - have been displaced!!! Tens of thousands being dispersed to other countries. I have posted this tragedy many times on my Facebook and the response has almost been zero, Why? Is it because Israel is not involved? Why aren't you posting this on social media as well condemning the Syrians , why are we not seeing thousands marching the streets of London, Paris and Rome demanding help for these 530,000 Palestinians or does the world only care when Israel is involved?

This is a photograph of the thousands of Palestinians that are being starved to death in the city of Yarmouk

Israel is fighting a terrorist organisation, a terrorist organisation like those who murdered 295 innocent people the other day on board the Malaysian airline taken down by the terrorist rockets. Should terrorists be allowed to continue to use rockets, bombs and bullets to terrorise the world that we our children and grandchildren live in? Be assured They will continue to bring terror to our doorsteps if we keep sympathizing with them!!!

Let me conclude where I started; no matter what I say I will be accused of being biased and whatever facts I put on the table will be met a by a barrage of complaints about me being wearing blinkers etc but nothing could be further from the truth. I wish and pray this present conflict never happened, the death toll no matter on whatever side is tragic. My hope is that Hamas will be weakened to the point that the Palestinians in Gaza can get rid of them and deservedly have a truly democratic government who genuinely care for their people and who can sit down and work out a peaceful solution to this horrendous situation.

Thousands of Hamas rockets arrive daily into Israel, and thankfully because of Israel technology by introducing the iron dome to protect it’s people many in Israeli's would now be dead. WHAT WOULD YOU EXPECT YOUR GOVERNMENT TO DO IF HUNDREDS OF ROCKETS WERE FIRED DAILY INTO YOUR COUNTRY? Would you say DO NOT RESPOND? Think about it.

"Am I pro Israel?" That is not the question I should be asked now. My answer is "I am pro peace!" End ofF



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