Sunday, 27 July 2014

As most of you know I have been broadcasting on radio and sometimes television over the last 25 years, firstly on Onda Cero helping to pioneer English radio in Spain then launching REM FM (name changed to TRE) and then launching iTalk FM. Most of you will also know that the Junta de Andalusia sent out warnings to ALL English radio stations and many Spanish owned radio stations that unless they rectified their licensing position (which none have, because there are NO licences available, nore will there be in the foreseeable future) they would be fined up to 500,000 Euro. Many of the owners ignored this threat knowing that the administrators of these stations had no assets or those that had, had them cleverly camouflaged. I was exposed I was on high risk as I could lose my family home and much more. The penalty was just too high to justify me carrying on. It was time for a reassessment. I know that these unlicensed radio stations have continued, I do not know what the Junta is going to do in the future but for me the risk was simply too high and with a heavy heart we shut down.

So here I was in my 60’s forced into retirement that I could ill afford. For those that know me also know that there was NO WAY that I would accept this situation, I just couldn't sit at home vegetating or gardening, doing housework etc this was never going to be me! I also knew that this wasn’t going to be easy to resolve, I loved my work as a broadcaster but realistically I knew it was all but finished. I also knew that I HAD to find something to do, so I looked at areas that I had a talent in, marketing was one but who would hire someone in their 60’s? Businesses want young blood and I don’t blame them.
There was one other area I had a passion for and that was real estate. All through my adult life I had bought and sold property very successfully. I had over the years thought about getting involved in Marbella especially through the boom years but I was too busy with night clubs, live shows and of course broadcasting. So why not now? Thankfully I have got to know many of the owners of the top real estate agencies in Marbella as friends so I set up investigating meetings with some of them and to my surprise all asked me would I join them!! I was delighted and very excited, the timing couldn’t have been better as the property marketed was really picking up. In the end I decided on Bromley Estates Marbella one of the coasts most successful agencies and boy am I glad I did. Although I’m just about to complete my third month it’s been a phenomenal experience and thankfully a very successful one (hope it’s not beginners luck!!) I'm meeting such a diversity of clients from countries like China, Canada, Qatar, Netherlands, England, and Ireland. I’m having a blast and love showing my clients some of the stunning properties we have. I just would never have believed that I would ever be able to replace something (broadcasting) I loved with such a passion by something so quickly that I’ve taken to. I believed for many years especially the lean ones I was to set in my ways and could never change, how wrong I was. `
A huge lesson Ive learnt is It’s never too late. So instead of spending the day preparing radio shows, I now spend the time preparing property tours for my clients.

Will I return to broadcasting? If I was asked years ago would I give up broadcasting I would have said never? So I suppose the answer would be ; ‘never say never’. `
How about my charity work? Well only two months ago I hosted Children with Cancer gala which was a great success and have had the usual request to do more especially during this summer but the truth is I’m in the office early mornings and sometimes don’t get back after touring a client until late in the evening, so my work hosting these events will have to be limited.

So now I've 'come out' lets get down to business! Want to buy a stunning property? We have apartments, townhouses, villas we have it all from as little as 100,000 to 6 million euro and more. We cover the areas from Malaga to Sotogrande and beyond.
Have a look at our website: Call me on 646 247 996 if you want your dream home, I have it. Email me on

I'd just like to finish this by offering a huge thank you to those who have so generously supported me over the years both on radio and TV. Thank you all so much.

You'll enjoy the Boland property tour as much as you enjoyed his radio shows.

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