Monday, 25 February 2013

Tuesday morning on the Boland Show when his guests include Tenerife correspondent Cliodna O’Flynn talking to us about the ongoing trial of the terrifying story of a madman who hacked off a woman's head in a busy Tenerife shop. One witness at the trial Describing the horrific attack said : 'There was no argument, nothing was said between them. We passed her in the same shopping aisle and then saw him on her, stabbing her with a knife. We heard her gasp for breath. He withdrew the knife out of the neck and then put it back in again’.>>>>>>>> The next subject is not the most pleasant but we all suffer from it; flatulence/bloating topic. It could be too much coffee, a slipped disc... or even diabetes. Maurice’s next guest will give us a A belly full of facts revealing the possible causes of a sore tummy. He will tell us often a tummy ache is the result of something fairly obvious — a long-term condition such as irritable bowel syndrome, a simple case of indigestion or maybe, for a woman, it could be that time of the month. But for some of us, the cause isn’t quite so apparent. ‘Many of us think the cause of stomach pain, not illogically, originates from within the tummy. So how about these for sub heading to discus: Feeling bloated when you eat: Possible cause: diabetes. Going to the loo helps: Possible Cause: diet drinks/gum. Nausea after meals: Possible cause: angina. These and many more complaints will be explained by the Boland Shows next guest Dr Anton Emmanuel Consultant Neurogastroenterologist & Senior Lecturer. >>>>>>>> Part 2 of yesterdays interview with Geoffrey Ellis is scheduled for today. Ellis who spent forty years in the music business, working closely with the Beatles and Brian Epstein during the 60s, and Elton John and his management in the '70s. From an unrivalled position he has written a highly informed account of the music business from the 60s to the mid 90s and an insider's view of the careers of many of the most significant players. His insight is less than adulatory and often critical, in particular of the Beatles and Brian Epstein, his friend. During the '60s Geoffrey Ellis was chief Executive of NEMS Enterprises, Brian Epstein's company, at the time when the Beatles became global superstars. His book contains insights and stories, many previously unpublished, concerning the often tortuous business and personal affairs of Epstein, and the aftermath of his death. Today’s interview will concentrate on the aftermath of Brian Epstein and the Beatles, picking up the story about life with Elton John>>>>>>>> Every thought what life would have been like if you hade worked and lived on a luxury cruise liner well the final guest today, Marc Sorrentino will tell us all about that, his agency Excellent Entertainment ltd success rests on its ability to match both talent and etiquette, a winning and essential formula for success on the high seas. Today the agency represents some of the finest talent and staff on the high seas! >>>>>>>> Boland on Tuesday at 10am on Marbella’s talk radio station iTalkfm or listen live on or try type in italk.

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