Monday, 8 May 2017

At last the truth has been told so read this if you stupidly believe Israel to be an apartheid state..But before I post it do any of you morons know what the word apartheid means?

So lets start of with the UN, to be honest the world is beginning to show their anger towards the UN's biased against Israel and with that in mind we read that once again, accusations of Israel being an apartheid state surfaced. Recently, a UN committee ESCWA (Economic Social Commission of Western Asia) released a report accusing Israel of practicing ‘apartheid.’ This bit of rubbish has since been PULLED from their web site, and the author of the report has resigned running with his tail between his legs. This might be the first tangible result of the “Trump effect” since the US has put the UNHRC on notice regarding its irrational campaign of anti-Israel resolutions. Britain has done likewise. One must realize how many Arab states sit on the UN Commission with Israel only with one member!!

But it gets a whole lot worse when we hear that the UN is about to release a report from the same committee suggesting the so-called “occupation” is akin to slavery in the US. Such an accusation borders on insanity, even for the UN, which has been quite hostile toward Israel for many years. However, the accusation is so comical I suggest we should just ignore it. However, since Israel has been repeatedly accused of being an apartheid state, debunking this is worth the effort.

The term “apartheid” refers to what took place in South Africa between 1948 and 1994. However, its popularity increased primarily as a result of a 2006 book by former President Jimmy Carter- “Palestine “Peace, Not Apartheid.” The ignorant anti Israel president Carter, a strong supporter of Hamas and Yasser Arafat, sought, to portray Israeli policies toward the Arab Palestinian terrorists who are committed to its destruction as racist and discriminatory.

To call Carter’s use of the term “apartheid” a mischaracterization is akin to calling the Pacific Ocean a pond. Moreover, Carter’s use of said term suggests he either doesn’t understand its meaning, or he is truly anti-Israel. For my money it’s the latter.

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