Tuesday, 10 March 2015

How to expose liars who hide behind the word Anti Zionist to fearful of using the words Anti Semitic. Here's any easy lesson to expose them. They spend most of their sad lives hunting through anti Israeli propaganda and having no intelligence to write their true feelings on their own Facebook's etc just copy and paste other peoples words. They do this thinking they are safe from retribution and a visit from the police by using this common excuse: 'Not My Words But'.... They constantly bang on about Israel continued atrocities that they maintain are still going on almost a year after the war with Hamas, What atrocities?. You'll find the savagery of ISIS is total acceptable by them.

So I thought I would help them expand their TRUE hatred for Israel by simply destroying what is Israels flourishing economy, wonder how that is after all don't you losers believe that most of the world is following your heroes like George Galloway etc and boycotting Israel...So here goes ..Just follow this simple video and If you are a true anti Israel supporter and I mean TRUE you will join those that have boycotted Israel. Words are cheap, so I'll be checking. Goodbye suckers...

PS this is more bad news news for you: New Israeli Cancer Vaccine May Work on 90% of All Cancer Types
Another medical miracle from Israel…

Lets pray none iof your family suffer from cancer and if they do plead with them NOT to use this vaccine !!! Thank you

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