Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Coming next. It's all over now,from Mandy Smith to Shirley Bassey and singing for my supper on the beach!


  1. Maurice have you read this. Dare I mention him but I suggest TJ reads this very carfully as this case is excaly why you should take him to court. I have kept a copy of all the lies and slander he has posted, from the claims that you didn't pay certain staff to numerous lies about your charity work all very damaging, This will see this lier in prison the same way as Napier will now end up.. TJ there is no hiding and believing that changing names and making obvious references to Maurice is your way of keeping out of trouble I can assure you it's not!!! It's all to late now TJ or should I say Andrew Pink.
    I truly hope Maurice now does what he should have done a long time ago but felt sorry for you believing you to be a simpleton.

  2. He's made his bed now let him lay in it!!!!!